[R-pkgs] New version of Hmisc package on CRAN

Frank Harrell f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue Mar 4 14:21:37 CET 2014

Recent changes include the following.

Changes in version 3.14-2 (2014-02-26)
    * latex.default: improved logic using new function in Misc: latexBuild
	 * latex.default: fixed bug with ctable=TRUE with no caption by 
removing default label
    * latex.default: improved formatting for insert.top
    * latex.default: added tests, fixed insert.bottom
    * latex.summaryM: return stat summary key as legend attribute, use 
this according to insert.bottom argument
    * latex.summary.formula.response: fixed bug related to computation 
of cdec.  Thanks: Kevin Thorpe
    * latex.default: added new argument star: ctables uses this to 
spread over two columns when the LaTeX document is in \twocolumn mode. 
Thanks:  David Whiting

Changes in version 3.14-1 (2014-02-25)
    * Added latexNeedle function
    * Change latexTherm, latexNeedle to use user LaTeX macro \tooltipn 
to do the pop-up
    * latex.default: changed line breaks around \end{tabular}
    * latex.summaryM: put insert.bottom text in minipage so \tooltip 
will not devote wide space to it
    * sas.get: added defaultencoding argument and logic (Thanks: 
Reinhold Koch)
    * plot.summaryP: omit tick marks for proportion > 1.0
    * format.df (used by latex): fixed na.blank logic for character var
    * latex: removed newlines when ending environments, added hyperref 
    * latex: added center='centerline', fixed 'centering'
    * upData, cleanup.import, dataframeReduce: changed argument pr to print
    * rcspline.eval: added more evasive action in case of extreme ties

Changes in version 3.14-0 (2014-01-22)
    * Added trans argument to varclus
    * Removed recode, existsFunction functions, under.unix object, 
survfitKM, functions used only by S-Plus: comment, mem, mulbar.chart, 
    * as.category, is.category, untangle.special: removed
    * Removed reference to .R. from many functions
    * Remove oldClass, oldUnclass, getFunction
    * latex.default: changed 'rotate' to 'sideways' for ctable mode. 
Thanks: Simon Zehnder <szehnder at uni-bonn.de>
    * gView: removed
    * ldBands: removed
    * summaryP: new function - graphical replacement for tables of 
    * ynbind: new function for combining related yes/no variables into a 
matrix with a label
    * added file argument to prn
    * summaryP: added autoarrange
    * added addMarginal and nobsY functions
    * pBlock: new function for blocking variables for summaryP
    * summaryP: changed text positioning to grid absolutes, added 
text.at argument
    * scat1d, histSpike: if grid used and y has grid units, fixed logic 
for frac
    * plsmo, panel.plsmo: added scat1d.opts argument
    * label.Surv, units.Surv: added, removed ::: in survival calls
    * summarize: added keepcolnames argument
    * Suppressed startup message unless options(Hverbose=TRUE) is set
    * summaryS: new function - multi-panel lattice xy and dot plots
    * summaryD: added ylab argument
    * dotchart3: quit letting left margin be less than pre-existing one
    * multLines: new function
    * Improved nobsY to respect subject IDs when counting number of 
subjects, and to return an attribute 'formula' without id variable; 
changed bpplotM, summaryP, summaryS to use this
    * Removed nobsY calculations from bpplotM, summaryP, summaryS, 
enhanced nobsY to allow stratification by treatment
    * panel.bpplot: added violin and violin.opts arguments
    * summaryS: added medvPanel support during-plot vertical violin plots
    * plot.summaryP: padded x-axis limits
    * latexTabular: added translate and hline arguments; moved to its 
own file and help page
    * latexTherm: added tooltip using LaTeX ocgtools package
    * summaryP: stopped reversing order of panels
    * summaryM: added table.env argument, changed how model.frame built
    * latex.summaryM: changed to print proportions by default, added 
    * character.table: added xpd=NA; thanks: Dale
    * summaryP: added latex method
    * latex.default: added insert.top argument
    * summaryM: added stratification (multiple tables)

Frank E Harrell Jr Professor and Chairman      School of Medicine
                    Department of Biostatistics Vanderbilt University

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