[R-pkgs] dataframe package

Tim Hesterberg timhesterberg at gmail.com
Tue May 22 15:47:42 CEST 2012

A new 'dataframe' package is on CRAN.  This is a modified version
of the data frame code in R, modified to make fewer copies of the inputs
and run faster, e.g.
  as.data.frame(a vector)
makes 1 copy of the vector rather than 3,
  data.frame(a vector)
makes 3 copies rather than 6, and
  x[, "a"] <- newValue
makes (2,2,1) copies of (old data frame, new column, integer vector
of row names) rather than (6,4,2).

Functionality should be identical to existing R code, with two exceptions:
* bug fix, if x has two columns, then x[[4]] <- value will fail rather than 
  producing an illegal data frame
* round(a data frame with numeric and factor columns)
  rounds the numeric columns and leaves the factor columns unchanged, rather
  than failing.

Tim Hesterberg

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