[R-pkgs] tikzDevice 0.6.2

Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Fri Nov 18 01:23:48 CET 2011

Version 0.6.2 of the tikzDevice was recently posted to CRAN and should
be making its way to a local mirror. The tikzDevice package provides a
graphics device that translates R graphics into TeX code suitable for
inclusion in LaTeX documents. Version 0.6.2 is primarily a maintenance
release that supports some new functionality in R 2.14.0.

The latest version adds new functions that allow users to insert
custom annotations into grid graphics. Previously versions of the
tikzDevice only supported annotation of base graphics.

The full changelog is appended to this email. For a detailed diff of
changes since 0.6.0, see:


Bug reports are welcomed at the GitHub issue tracker:


The tikzDevice also has a mailing list provided by R-Forge:

  tikzdevice-bugs @at@ lists.r-forge.r-project.org

Which is also accessible via Google Groups:


A rough roadmap for future package development can be found at:


Commentary and discussion is welcomed in the mailing list, patches
containing bugfixes or features are welcomed on the issue tracker.

Happy TeXing!



### Version: 0.6.2
Released: 11-13-2011


#### New Features

- The annotation system has been improved. A new function `tikzNode` has been
  added that makes it easy to insert TikZ nodes with custom options and
  content. `tikzCoord` is now a wrapper for `tikzNode` that simplifies the
  function call required to get a plain coordinate.

- Annotation of Grid graphics is now supported. New functions
  `tikzAnnotateGrob`, `tikzNodeGrob` and `tikzCoordGrob` allow the creation of
  Grid grobs that execute annotiation commands when drawn to a `tikz` device.
  Wrapper functions `grid.tikzAnnotate`, `grid.tikzNode` and `grid.tikzCoord`
  are also provided. The necessary transformations between Grid coordinates,
  which are viewport-centric, to absolute device coordinates are handled by a
  new function `gridToDevice`.

- Support has been added for the `dev.capabilities` function in R 2.14.0.

#### Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where the outline of the background bounding box was being drawn
  with the forground color instead of the background color. This was
  unnoticible except when a non-white background was used. Thanks to Matthieu
  Stigler for reporting.

#### Behind the Scenes

- The tikzDevice is now checked with "visual regression testing" which compares
  the results of graphics tests against a set of standard images using a visual
  diff. If a change occurs that significantly affects font metrics or graphics
  primitives the effects will show up in the diff. Currently, ImageMagick's
  `compare` utility is used to calculate differences. This process was inspired
  by the work of Paul Murrell and Stephen Gardiner on the graphicsQC package.
  Future versions of the tikzDevice may use graphicsQC to perform this task.

- The tikzDevice Vignette used to employ a rather ugly hack that re-wrote the
  internals of the Sweave driver during processing in order to gain more
  control over syntax highlighting. This hack has been replaced by TeX macros
  that achieve the same result without messing with R.


### Version: 0.6.1
Released: 4-14-2011


#### Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where `tikz` was not applying background color to the plot

- Fixed a Vignette bug caused by an incorrect merge that was breaking the CRAN


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