[R-pkgs] New solaR package

Oscar Perpiñan Lamigueiro oscar.perpinan at upm.es
Fri Feb 12 15:50:12 CET 2010


I'd like to announce the availability of version 0.14 of the "solaR" package. It provides a set of calculation methods of solar radiation and performance of photovoltaic systems. The package has been uploaded to CRAN and is now available under the GPL-3 license. 

Moreover, I have designed some GUIs with gWidgets. They are still far from elegant so I have not included them in the package. They are available at my blog: http://procomun.wordpress.com/software/solar/

An introduction to the package can be found in the vignette (in Spanish): http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/solaR/vignettes/solaR.pdf. A handbook of photovoltaic systems (in Spanish) is available at http://procomun.wordpress.com/documentos/libroesf/.

Best regards.

Oscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro.

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