[R-pkgs] ggplot2: version 0.8.6

Hadley Wickham hadley at rice.edu
Fri Feb 19 20:44:30 CET 2010

ggplot2 ------------------------------------------------------------

ggplot2 is a plotting system for R, based on the grammar of graphics,
which tries to take the good parts of base and lattice graphics and
avoid bad parts. It takes care of many of the fiddly details
that make plotting a hassle (like drawing legends) as well as
providing a powerful model of graphics that makes it easy to produce
complex multi-layered graphics.

To install or update, run:
install.packages(c("ggplot2", "plyr"))

Find out more at http://had.co.nz/ggplot2, and check out the nearly 500
examples of ggplot in use.  If you're interested, you can also sign up to
the ggplot2 mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/ggplot2, or track
development at  http://github.com/hadley/ggplot2

ggplot2 0.8.6 (2010-02-07) ----------------------------------------

New features

* trans_log1p: new log + 1 transformer contributed by Jean-Olivier Irisson

Bug fixes

* aesthetics: fixed bug when overriding aesthetics with NULL
* annotate: adds layers with legend = FALSE
* coord_equal: correctly place tick marks (Fixes #61)
* documentation: usage statements should now be spread over multiple lines
* fortify.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame: fixed bug when region variable had
missing values
* legend: don't try and display legend when unnecessary scale added
* legend: text labels now correctly left-aligned when non-numeric
* order aesthetic now correctly affects position adjustments  (Fixes #70)
* qplot loads facetting variables from global environment more correctly
* scale_date and scale_date_time now work with infinite positions
* scale_date and scale_date_time now take expand argument
* scales were not getting automatically added in many situations (Fixes #69)
* scale_manual was not returning labels in the correct format and so legends
  were not getting merged correctly
* stat_contour: fix error if x or y coordinates were negative
* stat_bin: now copes with bars of zero height (Fixes #72)
* stat_qq: always use sorted data (rather than interpolated quantiles)
on sample axis.  This makes it behave more like qqnorm
* stat_quantile: correctly group results
* xlim now works with datetimes

* all plyr functions prefixed with their namespace to avoid clashes
with other packages (thanks to Steve Lianoglou)

Assistant Professor / Dobelman Family Junior Chair
Department of Statistics / Rice University

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