[R-pkgs] Package fechner for Fechnerian scaling, on CRAN now

Ali Uenlue ali.uenlue at math.uni-augsburg.de
Mon Feb 16 23:04:48 CET 2009

Version 1.0-0 of fechner has been released to CRAN.

Fechnerian scaling of discrete object (or stimulus) sets provides a  
theoretical framework for deriving, so-called Fechnerian, distances  
among objects representing subjective dissimilarities.  A Fechnerian  
metric on a set of stimuli is constructed from the probabilities with  
which the objects are discriminated from each other by a perceiving  
system. In addition to the oriented and overall Fechnerian distances,  
the package fechner also computes such related information as the  
points of subjective equality, the psychometric increments, the  
geodesic chains and loops with their corresponding lengths, and the  
generalized Shepardian dissimilarities. Moreover, the package fechner  
provides functions for checking the required data format and the  
fundamental regular minimality/maximality condition.

Best regards,
Thomas Kiefer
Ali Uenlue
Department of Computer-Oriented Statistics and Data Analysis
Institute of Mathematics
University of Augsburg

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