[R-pkgs] RSQLite 0.6-7 -- changes to dbGetQuery semantics

Seth Falcon seth at userprimary.net
Sat Jan 26 19:47:57 CET 2008

RSQLite 0.6-7 has been uploaded to CRAN and should hit a mirror near
you in the next few days.

This version changes the behavior of the dbGetQuery method to make it
more consistent with dbSendQuery.  Specifically:

1. dbGetQuery now closes a complete result set as dbSendQuery does.

2. If there is an incomplete result set open, dbGetQuery still opens a
   new temporary connection, but now issues a warning.  It is best
   practice to explicitly close open result sets before issuing
   further queries.

These changes are in response to the following discussion on the
r-sig-db list:


+ seth

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