[R-pkgs] MiscPsycho 1.1 uploaded to CRAN

Doran, Harold HDoran at air.org
Wed Jan 23 17:42:48 CET 2008

Version 1.1 of the MiscPsycho package had been uploaded to CRAN. The
package has been updated to include the following:

1) The irt.ability() function that estimates examinee ability given a
set of item parameters. The function is very general and can be used to
estimate ability when there are only dichotomous items (1-, 2-, or 3PL),
only polytomous items (generalized partial credit model), or a mixture
of dichotomous and polytomous items. The function can be used to
estimate maximum likelihood estimates or two bayesian estimates: the
maximum a posteriori (MAP) and the expected a posteriori (EAP).

2) The plaus.val() function that uses rejection sampling to draw random
samples from any IRT posterior distribution. 

3) The posterior() function that computes the density of any IRT
posterior distribution.

4) The class.acc() function that can be used to perform integration from
[-Inf,b] or [a,Inf] of any IRT posterior distribution.

5) Complete technical documentation describing all of the mathematical
methods underlying the functions as well as complete examples
demonstrating the use of all functions. This documentation lives in the
"doc" subdirectory of the MiscPsycho library.

Any bug reports, issues, and comments on the package are welcome.

Harold Doran

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