[R-pkgs] Hmisc Version 3.3-2 is now in CRAN repository

Charles Dupont charles.dupont at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Apr 27 16:20:22 CEST 2007

Hmisc Version 3.3-2 has been posted to the CRAN repository.

Change Log

3.3-2 4/26/2007
       Fixed bug with combine<- function not handling NULL values.

3.3-1 3/29/2007
       Created functions trunc.POSIXt, ceil.POSIXt, round.POSIXt to do
       those ops on POSIXt objects.  Removed chron versions of these

       Placed Hmisc in a namespace

       Factored out category levels that are identical (and in the same
       order) for multiple variables.  Changed print and html methods
       accordingly, and made new default for html output,

       new argument levelType in html.contents.data.frame

       enhanced html.data.frame to set column headings in h2

       added curtail option (default: FALSE) for type='regression' to
       set imputed values to the boundaries of real data if outside

       added datadensity argument to plot.aregImpute

       fixed bug with curtail, added datadensity argument to

       fixed typo related to bass argument

       fixed bug in latex.describe to translate underscores in variable
       names when listing those with all NAs

       fixed inmChoice by unclassing first argument when pasting

       handled underscore in dataset name in latex.describe by calling

       Finished addition of listunique and listnchar, handled listing
       of character values in latex.describe.*

       listunique and listnchar

       For listunique option ignored multiple white spaces, leading and
       trailing white spaces, and case in tabulating character strings.

       For listunique ignored leading and trailing white space,
       multiple white spaces, and case when tabulating character
       strings. Carriage returns without new lines are changed to a
       single space.

       Modified 'extracolheads' such that when cgroup and n.cgroup are
       used in a latex.summary.formula.reverse statement the extra N=
       columns line up correctly.

       added boot.method argument to implement approximate Bayesian
       bootstrap when group is not used

       'R/inc-dec.s' created 2 new functions 'inc<-' and 'dec<-'. 
'inc<-' increments
       'x' by value assigned to it.  'dec<-' does the same thing but 
decrements 'x'.

       'R/responseSummary.s' changed 'responseSummary' 'FUN' argument
       so that is it run on each row of the response instead of the
       whole of the response.

       'R/latexObject.s' changed names of constant escapes.

       'R/combine.s' functions to perform element wise combination.

       'R/print.char.list.s'  various code simplifications.

       Corrected extra escapes in latexSN function.  fixes #10.

3.2-1 1/25/2007:
       Hmisc function 'ecdf' has been renamed 'Ecdf' to deconflict it
       with the existing 'ecdf' function in base.

       Fixed Bug in format.df that would create numbers with many
       trailing zeros.

       Added arguments 'math.row.names' and 'math.col.names' to
       indicate that the row or col names should be wrapped in the
       latex math environment.

       Fixed problem with 'histbackback' function.

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		Department of Biostatistics	Vanderbilt University

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