[R-pkgs] New version of ade4TkGUI

Jean Thioulouse jthioulo at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Apr 26 17:34:43 CEST 2007

Dear UseRs,

Version 0.2-1 of the ade4TkGUI package (a GUI for the ade4 package)
is now available on CRAN. This version corrects a few bugs and has
the following new features :

- history management : commands executed in the GUI are now stored
in the R session history

- echo of commands on cosole : all commands (including these ones
issued in the dudi synthesis window) are now echoed to the console

- an interface for the "s.arrow" function has been added

- the interface for the s.label function has been modified to allow
(or disallow) label frames

- the interface of the "s.value" interface has been modified to
allow simultaneous drawing of all the variables in a dataframe

- a help page has been added for the "explore" function

- the presentation of the "explore" function had been improved

- the "ordiCLust" function has been added, to do cluster analysis
on multivariate analysis row scores, with several dynamic graphic
help tools (a help page is also available). See these screenshots :

Thanks you to all the people who sent me remarks, advice, and bug
reports. Comments are still (and always) welcome.

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