[R-pkgs] updated package boolean 1.5

Bear F. Braumoeller bfbraum at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 8 02:42:51 CEST 2004

I have just uploaded an updated version of my boolean package (v1.05), 
which should be propagating through CRAN's mirrors soon.  Boolean 
permits estimation of Boolean logit and probit models (see Braumoeller 
(2003), full reference in help file, for derivation).  Boolean logit 
and probit are a family of partial-observability n-variate models 
designed to permit researchers to model causal complexity, or multiple 
causal "paths" to a given outcome.  The various "paths" are modeled as 
latent dependent variables that are multiplied together in a manner 
determined by the logic of their (Boolean) interaction.  Any 
combination of ANDs and ORs can be posited, and the interaction of any 
number of latent dependent variables can be modeled, although the 
procedure becomes exponentially more data-intensive as the number of 
latent dependent variables increases.

The update to version 1.04 was not announced; only minor modifications 
were made to ensure compatibility with R 1.9.

The update to version 1.05 permits the use of Sekhon and Mebane's 
GENOUD optimizer for likelihood surfaces that are convoluted and 
therefore contain multiple local maxima.  Because this procedure can 
produce such surfaces quite easily, the use of GENOUD is recommended.

Bear F. Braumoeller
Associate Professor
Department of Government
Harvard University

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