[R-pkgs] gregmisc 2.0.0 release

Warnes, Gregory R gregory_r_warnes at groton.pfizer.com
Fri Oct 1 16:19:47 CEST 2004

gregmisc 2.0.0

gregmisc 2.0.0 has been released and is now available on CRAN.   

Important Changes

- Now a package bundle 

For this release, gregmisc has been split into a bundle containing 4
separate packages: gdata, gmodels, gplots and gtools. All of your favorite
functions are still present, but they are now better organized into thematic
groups, which should make them easier to maintain.

- Namespaces

Each of the gregmisc packages now provide namespaces, and are fully
compatible with R 2.0.0.   The namespaces make it easier to avoid conflicts
with functions in other packages, and prevent local utility functions from
cluttering up the global function namespace.

Consequences for Users

Instead of attaching the gregmisc package, you will need to attach the
appropriate individual packages.  IE, instead of
	> library(gregmisc)
you should use one or more of
	> library(gdata)
	> library(gmodels)
	> library(gplots)
	> library(gtools)

For more details, including bug fixes, see the ChangeLog file in the source


Gregory R. Warnes
Manager, Non-Clinical Statistics
Pfizer Global Research and Development

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