[R-pkgs] mgcv 1.0

Simon Wood simon at stats.gla.ac.uk
Tue Mar 16 12:00:52 CET 2004

mgcv 1.0 (package providing gams etc) will be released with R 1.9.0.
(R 1.8.x compatible versions can be found at:
There are quite a few changes from mgcv 0.9: hence this message.

The main new features are:

* A generalized additive mixed modelling function `gamm' (which uses lme
  from the nlme library of glmmPQL from the MASS library for fitting).

* Tensor product smooths as an alternative way of representing smooths of
  more than one variable. These are useful when isotropic smoothing is
  inappropriate. Tensor products of any available smooth can be used.
  See ?te

* An object oriented approach to smooth terms that allows new classes of
  smooths to be added easily. See ?smooth.construct for details and
  example R code implementing `p-splines'.

* A built in cyclic smooth class for terms where the beginning is the

Partly as a result of the above the code has undergone some fairly major
re-organization, which means that ...

1. The new version is not fully back compatible with previous versions.
   For example version 1.0 plotting or summary functions will not work with
   gam objects from previous versions of mgcv.

2. There's likely to be the odd teething problem - please let me know
   about them so they can get fixed.

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