[R-pkg-devel] Windows load error installing package SOLVED - additional note

J C Nash pro|jcn@@h @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sat Jun 12 16:39:07 CEST 2021

Two minor notes:

1) The Writing R Extensions manual, as far as I can determine, does not inform package
developers that Makevars.win needs to be in the src/ subdirectory. I followed the example
of some other packages to choose where to put it.

2) Also, while I managed to get my package to install with "makevars.win", I got a
WARNING on running a CHECK until I replaced it with "Makevars.win", i.e., Camel-case

Do these observations merit edits in the manual?


On 2021-06-11 11:16 a.m., J C Nash wrote:
> After some flailing around, discovered a posting
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42118561/error-in-r-cmd-shlib-compiling-c-code
> which showed a makevars.win file containing
> I had tried several similar such makevars.win files, but trying PKG_LIBS+= and
> no spaces. There is mention of the libraries in Writing R Extensions, but given
> the heavy use of LAPACK, BLAS and FLIBS, perhaps this example should be there
> in the documentation. I've separately noted that Linux sessionInfo() shows
> BLAS and LAPACK but Windows does not.
> Cheers, JN

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