[R-pkg-devel] Redirect error in .Rd file

Lenth, Russell V ru@@e||-|enth @end|ng |rom u|ow@@edu
Tue May 25 22:52:28 CEST 2021

Hello package developers,

I just upgraded to R version 4.1.0, and now get a new error when I re-build my package. Among the messages about converting help files, I now get:

        update.emmGrid                          html  
    REDIRECT:topic	 levels<-.emmGrid -> update.emmGrid.html [ FAIL ]

But I don't see anything wrong. In my source code, I have ROxygen tags like this:

    #' @rdname update.emmGrid
    #' @export
    #' @param x an \code{emmGrid} object
    "levels<-.emmGrid" = function(x, value) {
        update.emmGrid(x, levels = value)

And the file update.emmGrid.Rd starts like this:

    % Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
    % Please edit documentation in R/emmGrid-methods.R
    \title{Update an \code{emmGrid} object}
    \method{update}{emmGrid}(object, ..., silent = FALSE)

    \method{levels}{emmGrid}(x) <- value

This all looks right to me. The help page documents both functions and shows parameters, details, and examples for both functions. If I ask for help for either function, it brings up this page. The only thing I see wrong is the message from building it. Any suggestions?

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