[R-pkg-devel] Troubleshoot unknown macro '\backslashemph' warning

Georgi Boshnakov georg|@bo@hn@kov @end|ng |rom m@nche@ter@@c@uk
Mon May 24 15:29:22 CEST 2021

This is probably from Rdpack (actually, 'rbibutils', see below). Several references in your REFERENCES.bib contain \emph In 'title' fields. The backslash in \emph is converted to \backslash, resulting in \backslashemph. 

This looks like a bug, please open an issue on github (for Rdpack or rbibutils).

Georgi Boshnakov

diwan <- "@article{diwan_methods_1995,
title = {Methods of developing a core collection of annual \\emph{{Medicago}} species}, volume = {90}, language = {en}, number = {6}, journal = {Theoretical and Applied Genetics}, author = {Diwan, N. and McIntosh, M. S. and Bauchan, G. R.}, month = may, year = {1995}, keywords = {Annual Medicago species, Core collection, Germplasm collection, Relative Diversity method}, pages = {755--761} }"

rbibutils::charToBib(diwan) # devel version on github, otherwise use readBib(() to read from file.

## Diwan N, McIntosh MS, Bauchan GR (1995). "Methods of developing a core ## collection of annual \backslashemph{{Medicago}} species." _Theoretical ## and Applied Genetics_, *90*(6), 755-761.

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While checking two of my packages
(https://github.com/aravind-j/EvaluateCore and https://github.com/aravind-j/augmentedRCBD)with winbuilder while preparing for submitting an updated version, I am getting the following warning.

* checking Rd files ... [4s] WARNING
prepare_Rd: <connection>:2: unknown macro '\backslashemph'
prepare_Rd: <connection>:6: unknown macro '\backslashemph'
prepare_Rd: <connection>:2: unknown macro '\backslashemph'
prepare_Rd: <connection>:4: unknown macro '\backslashemph

I am not able to find the offending macros anywhere in the Rd files being generated. I am using two RdMacros, mathjaxr and Rdpack.

How to troubleshoot?


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