[R-pkg-devel] winUCRT failures

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Mon Apr 26 14:21:56 CEST 2021

On 4/25/21 2:49 PM, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> The current CRAN release of rgl fails on winUCRT because of missing 
> dependencies:
> 'htmlwidgets', 'htmltools', 'knitr', 'jsonlite', 'shiny', 'magrittr', 
> 'crosstalk', 'manipulateWidget'.
> Tracing `htmlwidgets` shows it also fails because of missing 
> dependencies:
> 'htmltools', 'jsonlite', 'yaml'
> and 'htmltools' fails because of missing dependencies
> 'digest', 'base64enc', 'rlang'
> but 'digest' only gets a warning (congratulations, Dirk!), 'base64enc' 
> gets a NOTE (hurray Simon!).  'rlang' is failing a test because of a 
> missing suggested dependency on 'glue'.  At that point I stopped 
> searching.
> Does anyone have a list of packages that actually need fixes?  I'd 
> like to help those maintainers with the necessary updates.

Hi Duncan,

thanks for helping with the fixes to packages needed for this toolchain 
(and for having UTF-8 as native encoding on Windows). Fixing packages to 
properly declare their dependencies will be useful in general.

And thanks for asking about the missing dependencies, it turns out that 
the checks broke during transition of R-devel to 4.2. I've fixed my 
scripts now and if I got it right, correct results should appear in 
about 1.5 days from now. The numbers were about 10x better before this 

A number of packages will still need fixing. I can help searching the 
logs for the root issues (packages failing for other reasons than 
missing dependencies) once the results are correct again. And I can also 
make the logs downloadable in tarball etc (rather than one-by-one).


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