[R-pkg-devel] Call internal R functions in C

Cai Li c||9 @end|ng |rom nc@u@edu
Mon Apr 26 01:23:35 CEST 2021

Hello All,

I'm developing a package with C code. My question may be naive: I have
several internal R functions that need to be called by C, but I cannot get
it to work or find a solution. It can work if I export those internal
functions in namespace, but it fails if I just want to keep them as
internal functions without exporting them. I guess I need some flags to
indicate the "internal" R internal functions? Could you please share your
thoughts on how to fix this? Much appreciated in advance!

//   set up call to R function "R_function"
    SEXP func_R;
    PROTECT(func_R=lang2(install("R_function"), func_data));


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