[R-pkg-devel] Lazy data compression for packages without data folder

Peter Ruckdeschel peter@ruckde@che| @end|ng |rom web@de
Thu Apr 1 12:11:17 CEST 2021


I just noticed that, last week-end, R CMD build was changed to remove ‘LazyData’ and
‘LazyDataCompression’ fields from the ‘DESCRIPTION’ file of packages without a ‘data’

Now, in our package "RobAStRDA" published on CRAN in version 1.2.0 2019-03-11, we 
deliberately do have a ‘LazyData´ field in the ‘DESCRIPTION’ file of the package
without a ‘data’ folder.

This package just contains a sysdata.rda file with a large amount of interpolation grids
and functions not to be analyzed as statistical data but rather to be used for speed-ups
in our package "RobExtremes" (also on CRAN).

What is the recommended way to achieve this, i.e., use the sysdata.rda file in compressed
form and in lazy data format without placing it into a ‘data’ folder?

Any suggestions welcome,
best regards, Peter (Ruckdeschel)

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