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Thu Mar 4 23:01:47 CET 2021

On Thu, 4 Mar 2021 12:09:51 +0100
Sebastian Meyer <seb.meyer using fau.de> wrote:


> Am 04.03.21 um 10:24 schrieb Rolf Turner:


> > But this still leaves the question:  Why the <expletive deleted> is
> > R CMD check telling me to use the flag --resave-data, when I *just
> > did that*???
> Yes, indeed! I've investigated further and found that in R 4.0.0-4.0.4
> the --resave-data option of R CMD build was ineffective for packages
> using LazyData. This bug has recently been fixed in R-devel (c79573)
> and I think the fix should also be ported to R-patched and appear in
> the NEWS.
> Thank you for reporting!

Ta-da!!!  So I'm not going mad after all!!! :-)

Thanks very much for invetools::resaveRdaFiles(),stigating and
reassuring me.  Thanks also for pointing out the tools::resaveRdaFiles()
workaround which provided an interim fix for the problem.


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