[R-pkg-devel] Warning for failed attempt to rebuild the vignette of the previous version of a package

Sebastian Meyer @eb@meyer @end|ng |rom |@u@de
Thu Mar 4 15:36:03 CET 2021

The Debian check log appends the check status of the current CRAN
version just for comparison.
Indeed, these old problems are sometimes mistaken to cause a rejection
and I think it would help if there were a few more empty lines between
the new and the old check results and if the first two lines said
something like
For comparison, current CRAN status: ....
From: <https://CRAN....>

Maybe the problem with your submission simply is that the spell check
results hinder automatic processing of your package and you need to
reply to CRAN-submissions that these words are spelled correctly?

Otherwise I guess you may have overlooked another issue somewhere in the
check log. If you included a link to the pre-test results (or a copy of
the check logs) you will likely receive more sophisticated replies.

Best regards,

	Sebastian Meyer

Am 04.03.21 um 14:56 schrieb Thierry Denoeux:
> Hi,
> I am trying to submit a revised version of a package to CRAN and for the second time it does not pass the incoming checks. I can’t figure out why.
> The new version is numbered 2.0.0, the previous one was 1.1.0.
> - The Windows report gives me one note:
> * checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
> Maintainer: 'Thierry Denoeux <tdenoeux using utc.fr <mailto:tdenoeux using utc.fr>>'
> Possibly mis-spelled words in DESCRIPTION:
>   BPEC (15:41)
>   Bootclus (14:77)
>   CEVCLUS (13:41)
>   NN (16:7)
> These are just acronyms that can be easily removed. I don’t think it motivated the rejection.
> - The Debian report has the same note and the following warning:
> Current CRAN status: WARN: 1, OK: 11
> See: <https://CRAN.R-project.org/web/checks/check_results_evclust.html <https://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_results_evclust.html>>
> Version: 1.1.0
> Check: re-building of vignette outputs, Result: WARNING
>   Error(s) in re-building vignettes:
>     ...
>   --- re-building ‘Introduction.Rmd’ using rmarkdown
>   Quitting from lines 112-113 (Introduction.Rmd) 
>   Error: processing vignette 'Introduction.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
>   argument is of length zero
>   --- failed re-building ‘Introduction.Rmd’
>   SUMMARY: processing the following file failed:
>     ‘Introduction.Rmd’
>   Error: Vignette re-building failed.
>   Execution halted
> I don’t understand why the system is trying to rebuild the vignette of the previous version. It was built using Markdown, but in the new version I completely rewrote it using Sweave. The new vignette was rebuilt successfully, and there is no trace of the old vignette (the file ‘Introduction.Rmd’) in the new version. 
> Thanks for any tips.
> Best regards,
> Thierry Denoeux
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