[R-pkg-devel] How to build *-package description from *-package.R files ... and a luser/newbie question about pkgdown

Georgi Boshnakov georg|@bo@hn@kov @end|ng |rom m@nche@ter@@c@uk
Fri Feb 12 17:47:14 CET 2021

Please note that most rooygen2 users don't call the overview file 'pkgname-package' but just 'pkgname'. 
Also, these days people mostly use README.md for approximately that purpose and put a very minimal statement in pkgname-package or equivalent.

Georgi Boshnakov

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Apologies, I think that was clear.   

Do you or anyone else have an example of a ****-package.R that Rstudio's check has built into a package documentation file that was well populated and useful?

I think that's the key exemplar I am seeking and I'm finding it hard to craft any web search that finds me such a thing.

Any offer?!  TIA,


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> Just one clarification:
> On 12/02/2021 9:59 a.m., Chris Evans wrote:
> [ lots deleted ]
>>>   - I don't think RStudio supports a "Preview" for the help page for 
>>> a function (but I might be wrong about this, since I don't use it much).
>> I haven't found it if it is there.  I'm guessing you use ESS?
> No, I use RStudio.  When I said "I don't use it much", I meant Roxygen2.
> Duncan Murdoch

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