[R-pkg-devel] Fwd: Subarchitectures

Duncan Murdoch murdoch@dunc@n @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Feb 9 18:11:09 CET 2021

On 09/02/2021 11:30 a.m., Sokol Serguei wrote:
> Le 09/02/2021 à 17:01, Duncan Murdoch a écrit :
>> I think the WRE manual says that an R_ARCH environment variable will
>> be set when subarchitectures are involved, but environment variables
>> aren't accessible in Makevars.
>> Is there a standard way to get a value in Makevars which will match
>> .Platform$r_arch once R is running?
> If sub-shell is possible, will it be convenient?
>     myvar=`R --slave --vanilla -e 'cat(.Platform$r_arch)'`

Something like that should work, but I'd have to make sure the R that it 
runs is the same one where the package is being installed.  And if I can 
do that, then I probably know the answer, don't I?

Duncan Murdoch

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