[R-pkg-devel] Package that needs installation URL to function optimally eligible for CRAN

Richel Bilderbeek r|che| @end|ng |rom r|che|b||derbeek@n|
Mon Aug 24 11:22:50 CEST 2020

Dear fellow package developers,

I send this email for advice whether if I should submit a package to CRAN.

I have written a GPL-3 licensed package, that allows one to install and use a command-line tool. This command-line tool, however, has a restriction: it is to be used by academics only. To be able to actually install it, there is a web form to request a download URL (valid for 4 hours). After confirmation of being an academic, one receives this URL by email.

I feel the package on its own is useful enough to be put on CRAN. It 'R CMD check's cleanly without the install, yet if helps the install the command-line tool from the emailed URL (see <https://github.com/richelbilderbeek/netmhc2pan#install> ).
Should I submit my package to CRAN?

Thanks for your advice, Richel Bilderbeek

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