[R-pkg-devel] Including fonts in an rmarkdown vignette

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Wed Jun 3 08:46:12 CEST 2020


I've recently seen an example of a package that provides its own fonts for a vignette. See links in https://blog.r-hub.io/2020/06/03/vignettes/#pretty-vignettes 

In that same post I link to a workaround I saw on this list https://www.mail-archive.com/r-package-devel@r-project.org/msg02921.html for changing the vignette format based on the versions of dependencies. Maybe something similar is possible for fonts (I have no idea).


Den tisdag 2 juni 2020 20:14:24 CEST, David Hugh-Jones <davidhughjones using gmail.com> skrev: 


I'd like to build a rmarkdown vignette with my own choice of fonts – I'm
pernickety about look and feel.

R CMD check will rebuild vignettes in the vignettes/ directory, and if
relevant fonts aren't on the build machine, it'll give a warning.

Here are the options I can think of:
* build vignettes on my machine and put them in inst/doc. Don't mention the
specific fonts in the Rmd file in vignettes/. So the file built by "R CMD
check" won't look quite like the pre-built version.  This might work, but
it seems against open source principle.
* put font files in vignettes/ and refer to them in the rmarkdown file. I'm
not sure how to do this.
* limit myself to the fonts preinstalled on win-builder or CRAN machines.
I'm not sure what these are

Has anyone got any advice or examples?


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