[R-pkg-devel] clang11 CRAN check and use of Eigen

Chris Paciorek p@c|orek @end|ng |rom @t@t@berke|ey@edu
Wed May 13 03:00:42 CEST 2020

As of some point recently (at least since January) our package
(nimble) is being flagged by CRAN's clang11 check. The check reports
various errors when compiling one of our C++ files that makes use of
code from the Eigen C++ package, which we include with our package.
Here's the report from CRAN:

Similar errors are occurring for a few other packages on CRAN (some
that directly include Eigen and others that do so via RcppEigen).

1) Does anyone happen to know why this problem with Eigen is occurring
with clang11?

2) Given clang11 is not yet released, perhaps CRAN is simply flagging
this for the future. I'm hoping we can still release our next version
without addressing this, and I see that some of the other packages
this affects have released recently (e.g., prophet) seemingly without
addressing the issue. Does anyone know CRAN's policy in this regard?


Adjunct Professor, Statistical Computing Consultant
Department of Statistics
UC Berkeley

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