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Thu May 7 17:23:41 CEST 2020

On 5/7/20 7:37 AM, Fabio Corradini Santander wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you both very much for your help. Summarizing your comments:
> 1. There were no problems when installing the package from CRAN on a macOS
> Catalina with clang11 and R 4.0.0.
> 2. Since I don't use any of the objects directly, it is probably a gdal
> thing due to an improper(?) installation.
> OK, but the problem happens on CRAN during the CRAN checks for the OS X and
> macOS system flavors... Does this mean that there might be something wrong
> with CRAN gdal installation for OS X and macOS? (I don't think so, plus how
> can I check that without bothering CRAN maintainers?)
>> Make sure you have a proper gdal installation; after that things should
>> work. If you want you could be more defensive about this, and add some
>> logic to your configure script to test if a binary compiled against gdal
>> runs correctly or not, and react accordingly (e.g., if gdal is a strong
>> dependency then you don't continue further into the compilation of your
>> package).
> Although Rodrigo suggestion will work, if I abort the installation I will
> fail the CRAN check, which is the reason I'm asking this question...

You might want to look at the 'sf' package to see how it handles GDAL 

When I was using MacOS a few years ago I would typically need to make 
GDAL available on my system using the KingChaos distribution of the 
GDAL, GEOS, PROJ bundle whenever there was a major change in macOS. It 
provides a proper framework installation.

If the user has chosen (against the Mac fork's maintainer's advice)  to 
install GDAL and friends using homebrew, there may be difficulty during 
the linkage steps trying to find the headers that will not be in the 
expected directory. If they have gone the homebrew route, then I believe 
there are additional steps needed to establish the proper system 
environment symlinks and/or environment variables. You can probably find 
some discussion in the R-sig-mac mailing list archives. I generally use 
the MarkMail search facility. You can try:


  You might want to post the question on the R-sig-mac mailing list if 
you remain stuck.



> Thanks once again,
> Fabio.

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