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Peter Meissner retep@me|@@ner @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Apr 23 20:34:40 CEST 2020

Hello Everyone,

some weeks back I already wrote to CRAN but got no response. So, I post my
question here seeking for advice.

I am trying to publish a package to CRAN. I got rejected once with some
minor change requests. I implemented them and submitted again. This time I
got a whole array of change requests.

The problem is, I am confused since none of the requests is mentioned
anywhere in CRAN policies. So, are those mere suggestions? Are these common
policy now? Has everyone to implement them? How should I proceed?

(In general, I have no problem with complying with CRAN policies, but I am
not sure if these are actually common requirements now or not.)

Copy of the change requests:

***************** quote >>>> **************************************
Please add \value to all .Rd files for exported functions and explain
the functions results in the documentation.
f.i.: time_stamp.Rd
If a function does not return a value, please document that too, e.g.

The \description tag in the .Rd files should be one or two sentences on
how the function works and what it's good for. Don't just repeat the
function name.
F.i.: stats_modus_multi.Rd

An .Rd file title should:
- be capitalized
- not end in a period
- be at most 65 characters long
- exist and stand alone (there must be exactly one title)
Please adjust to these standards and again don't simply repeat the name.
F.i.: stats_modus_multi.Rd

Please fix and resubmit, and document what was changed in the submission
***************** <<<< quote **************************************

Best, Peter

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