[R-pkg-devel] (SOLVED) Warning R-hub Windows Server 2008 : qpdf needed

Paul SAVARY p@u|@@@v@ry @end|ng |rom un|v-|comte@|r
Thu Apr 23 09:30:44 CEST 2020


Here is the build log showing this warning message: https://builder.r-hub.io/status/graph4lg_0.5.0.tar.gz-31e8935d0c724c4b9d6986f31eeff357 

I have just tried again and this warning message does not show up anymore. I thank you Gabor for your help.
(new build log: https://builder.r-hub.io/status/graph4lg_0.5.0.tar.gz-6e69d658b38242d0a81efaae5d942be9)

Best regards

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which R version was this? Can you point to a build log?

qpdf is definitely installed on R-hub's Windows machines, and it is
even on the PATH. Maybe the new toolchain did not find it, I have
copied it to a better place now, please try again.


On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 5:44 PM Paul SAVARY <paul.savary using univ-fcomte.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble checking a package (graph4lg).
> With devtools::check_rhub(), I obtain a warning message on Windows Server 2008
> *checking data fro ASCII and uncompressed saves ... OK
> 'qpdf' is needed for checks on size reduction of PDFs
> I checked that qpdf is intalled. It is, because I have Rtools.
> Rtools is in my environment path
> That's the first time I obtain this message, although I checked my package several times on Rhub.
> I do not obtain similar messages with other checking platforms.
> I thank you in advance
> Regards
> Paul Savary
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