[R-pkg-devel] Warning R-hub Windows Server 2008 : qpdf needed

Paul SAVARY p@u|@@@v@ry @end|ng |rom un|v-|comte@|r
Wed Apr 22 18:44:26 CEST 2020


I'm having trouble checking a package (graph4lg). 

With devtools::check_rhub(), I obtain a warning message on Windows Server 2008 

*checking data fro ASCII and uncompressed saves ... OK 
'qpdf' is needed for checks on size reduction of PDFs 

I checked that qpdf is intalled. It is, because I have Rtools. 
Rtools is in my environment path 

That's the first time I obtain this message, although I checked my package several times on Rhub. 
I do not obtain similar messages with other checking platforms. 

I thank you in advance 
Paul Savary 

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