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First of all I am so grateful for your advices and I am sorry for writting the previous email using HTML instead of plain text. 
I give forecast package as an example because is one of the packages that a I need in my package, but the truly problem was months ago using FIAR package because the condGranger() function was removed when it was updated and my package needed this function. Anyway the problem was solved and now I decided that the best option is use checkpoint() as Iñaki recomended. 

Thank you so much again.



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Hi Andrea,

If your code is highly dependent on a specific version, another option is to include their code directly in your package.  The forecast package is under GPL-3 license, meaning you can use their code.  You would just need include the authors as a contributor
 ([ctb] tag) and make note of it in the relevant source code files and the Copyright field in the description. 


On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 7:57 AM Andrea Vilar Alvarez <andreavilaralvarez using hotmail.com> wrote:


I am writting because I am doing a package in R and I have some problems installing dependences which appear at DESCRIPTION file.

First of all, I am not sure about the difference between Depends and Imports, but I only use Depends.

My problem is that my package is going to be used at different computers and for different persons so I want that when other person use my package, it can be able to check  if the necesary packages are installed and if they are not installed, the package must
 be able to install  them.

I supposed that this problem was solved including the necesary packages and their versions at “Depends”. And now, I have another problem because the versions are usually indicated using “>=”, for example: forecast (>=8.7) but I need to use exactly the versión
 8.7 because sometimes when packages are updated, they lost some functions. But if I use <= or == and the package is update to versión 8.8, my package installation fail.

How can I solve this? If I use R normaly (outside my package), I can install older versions of other packages using devtools::install_version() so why when I indicate  forecast (<=8.7) at Depends on the DESCRIPTION file, R is not able to install an older version
 if a new one is avaliable?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,


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