[R-pkg-devel] GSL update on CRAN

Raphael Hartmann r@ph@e|@h@rtm@nn @end|ng |rom p@ycho|og|e@un|-|re|burg@de
Fri Sep 6 08:19:37 CEST 2019

I developed an R package that requires at least version 2.3 of GSL
(ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gsl/). The newest version is 2.6.
Version 2.3 is now available for over two years, and I was wondering
whether it was possible to update GSL on the win-builder? I would
really appreciate it. Without it my package will be rejected on CRAN.
Or is there an option to include the whole GSL library in the package?
On my machines (two debian based and one Windows server 16 and one
Windows 10) the package passes the checks of "R CMD check --as-cran".
On builder.r-hub.io with Windows server 12 it is also successful.

I would be glad for any advice / suggestions / hints. 

Best wishes

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