[R-pkg-devel] Needing rgeos from sf

Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal roy@mende|@@ohn @end|ng |rom no@@@gov
Thu Jul 25 21:47:58 CEST 2019

Okay I added rgeos but now it can't find rgdal.  as in:

> Error: processing vignette 'using_plotdap.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
> package 'rgdal' is not available
> --- failed re-building 'using_plotdap.Rmd'

A question I asked before is if there is anyway to check that 'rgdal' and 'rgeos' are properly installed on the winbuider servers, as well as 'sf' and 'sp'?  'devtools::check()' on my mac produces no errors,  same with  'rhub' using Fedora,  but I get the same errors on 'rhub' using Windows.    So it appears to be a problem with Windows,  and again I am not calling these packages directly so I should not need to Import them.



> On Jul 25, 2019, at 12:38 PM, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan using gmail.com> wrote:
> On 25/07/2019 3:21 p.m., Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal via R-package-devel wrote:
>> I have been testing a package for resubmission with bug fixes.  On the present CRAN builds I get:
>>> Result: NOTE
>>>     Namespaces in Imports field not imported from:
>>>      ‘mapdata’ ‘maptools’ ‘plot3D’ ‘rgdal’ ‘rgeos’
>>>      All declared Imports should be used.
>> However,  if I remove rgeos from the imports I get from win builder:
>>> Error in st_as_sfc.SpatialPolygons(sp::geometry(x), ...) :
>>>      package rgeos required for finding out which hole belongs to which exterior ring
>> Note that I am not calling 'rgeos',  either 'sf' or 'sp' is,  but does not appear to be properly importing all the need namespaces.
>> Best way  to proceed?  Include rgeos in Import and get the Note,  or ????
> A simple workaround would be to add a function that calls something from rgeos just to satisfy the check, e.g.
> # Just to satisfy the checks...
> dummy <- function() rgeos::getScale()
> I don't think there are warnings if dummy is never used or exported, but if there are, I think that's a pretty harmless call to make.
> Duncan Murdoch

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