[R-pkg-devel] Package manual built by CRAN (Xposted from R-help)

Helmut Schütz he|mut@@chuetz @end|ng |rom beb@c@@t
Thu Jul 25 19:45:42 CEST 2019

Dear all,

recently I noticed an unexpected effect. The PDF-manual built from the 
package’s .Rd-files looked different to what I was used to beforeand to 
the one rendered locally. Specifically: If the reference-section looks 
like this

   foo \href{bar}{baz}

previously "foo" was intended (like a normal paragraph), "bar" formatted 
in red and "baz" the URL.

Example of what I got instead: 
(first occurrence at page 5).

In the references there are no direct links but a numbered footnotes in 
a mono-spaced font running beyond the right margin of the page. The two 
links of page 5:



ABE.Rd is correctly rendered into ABE.html

In the two footnotes of the PDF links are truncated


Of course, both are punished with a HTTP 404.


PS: I’m aware that
     \item foo \href{bar}{baz}
produces *exactly* this effect. Didn't use it.

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