[R-pkg-devel] The correct way to put additional DLLs on windows?

Jialin Ma m@r||n- @end|ng |rom gmx@cn
Tue Jul 2 07:03:07 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

Currently my package has a script downloading additional DLLs
into "inst/libs" and being called in "Makevars.win". In this way these
DLLs get copied to libs when installing the package and I am able to
load them with "library.dynam".

However R CMD check gives the following warning.

  * checking package subdirectories ... WARNING
  Found the following non-empty subdirectories of 'inst' also used by R:
  It is recommended not to interfere with package subdirectories used by

I was wondering what would be the best practice for my case, or I am safe
to ignore this warning (suppose I am planing for a CRAN submission).

I know many packages will download static library and link them at compile
time. But I haven't see any example with additional DLL files.

Jialin Ma

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