[R-pkg-devel] Warning: replacing previous import ...

Christian Martin Hennig chr|@t|@n@henn|g @end|ng |rom un|bo@|t
Fri Jun 28 13:10:01 CEST 2019

Dear list,

I'm maintainer of the fpc package and got an email that I need to 
replace a warning that has come up. The warning is:

"Warning: replacing previous import ‘mclust::dmvnorm’ by 
‘mvtnorm::dmvnorm’ when loading ‘fpc’"

Back story: A few month ago I was contacted by the maintainer of mclust 
that they now incorporate their own dmvnorm function. As dmvnorm is used 
in my package, he suggested to replace all dmvnorm by mvtnorm::dmvnorm, 
which I did. Initially this was accepted without warning by CRAN.

I don't really understand what I should do about the warning. Isn't 
mvtnorm::dmvnorm the way to do this, if I want to go on using mvtnorm's 
dmvnorm function? All "dmvnorm" occurrences in my package are now 
mvtnorm::dmvnorm as intended and requested. Both mclust and mvtnorm are 
imported. The only (probably somewhat stupid) idea I have is to list the 
import of  mvtnorm before mclust in NAMESPACE (currently mclust is 
imported forst), but this seems silly to me - what if I wanted to use 
both mvtnorm::dmvnorm and mclust::dmvnorm?

Any hint?



Christian Hennig
Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati",
Universita di Bologna, phone +39 05120 98163
christian.hennig using unibo.it
currently on leave from UCL; UCL email still works

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