[R-pkg-devel] data.frame compression and no visible global function

Christian Peikert chr|@t|@n@pe|kert @end|ng |rom t-on||ne@de
Tue May 14 11:36:15 CEST 2019

Dear all,
I have tried to upload my R-package to CRAN but this package was sadly 
reject due to a Warning and a Note. I already know this warning/note but 
I could find out to solve this.

* checking data for ASCII and uncompressed saves ... WARNING
   Warning: large data files saved inefficiently:
         size         ASCII     compress
   cellr_morgenstern_et_al_2017.rda       544Kb    TRUE        xz
   mcp_reimann_et_al_2017.rda               154Kb    TRUE        xz

These two data frames are required example datasets. I have used the 
following save function:

compression_level=9 ,ascii = TRUE)
file="mcp_reimann_et_al_2017.rda",compress='xz', compression_level=9 
,ascii = TRUE)

* checking R code for possible problems ... [40s] NOTE
runExample03: no visible global function definition for 'shinyClustPro'

shinyApp is a function defined in a source R file which is loaded by the 
source function. Because this is an example function, it should not be a 
“visible” function in the package.

appDir <- system.file("shiny-examples", "03", package = "clustpro")
moduleDir <- system.file("shiny_module", package = "clustpro") 
shinyClustPro(df_proteomics, data_columns = data_columns, info_columns = 

If anyone of you could help me with this problems that would be great.


Because I am moving followed by vacation for a week, I will not be able 
to reply to e-mails directly. Please answer also to 
friedel.drepper using biologie.uni-freiburg.de

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