[R-pkg-devel] In R package directory, where to put results for some long-taking simulations I want to use in README / vignette?

Marta Karaś m@rt@@k@r@@@ @ending from gm@il@com
Mon Dec 17 18:54:11 CET 2018

For my R package, I want to demonstrate some benchmark results that take a
while to generate. I want to present the results in both README and

I thought a way to go is to have a README.Rmd code chunk with generates the
results with `eval = FALSE`, which I run in R console and save the table in
some place within a package, and then read the saved table and display it
in both README.Rmd (in a next chunk) and in the vignette Rmd file.


   - What is the proper subdirectory (naming, location) I should save
   the results into?
   - Should I out this subdirectory into .gitignore, or rather keep them
   (i.e., they would be available to anybody who downloads package's source
   files from CRAN?)

Thank you,

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