[R-pkg-devel] Can I put my small data-sets into one .rda file in my CRAN package?

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Wed Dec 5 17:22:29 CET 2018

Hi Michael,

in the data() function you have to use the name of the rda file, not the
name of the dataset you need.
So say you have the datasets validity and data2 in a file called
alldata.rda, you need to do:


and that will make both validity and data2 available to the user.

imho it only makes sense to combine data in one .rda file when they're also
related (for example an dataset with species and the similarity matrix for
those species).

Hope this helps

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 4:19 PM Michael Dewey <lists using dewey.myzen.co.uk>

> At the moment my package (metap) has a number of small data-sets each as
> a separate .rda file. It works fine. I thought it would be neater to put
> them all into one file which I called data.rda (original choice of name
> there).
> Now when I do R CMD build metap
> it fails when trying to build the vignette when that executes
> data(validity)
> where validity is contained in data.rda.
> I cannot find anything in writing R extensions which explicitly forbids
> this but equally nothing which explicitly permits it. Am I missing
> something? Obviously this is not an important problem and as the title
> says the solution should work on CRAN too.
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> Michael
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