[R-pkg-devel] FOSS license and restricted use by further dependence

Javier García-Pintado jg@rci@pint@do @ending from m@rum@de
Thu Nov 22 10:49:46 CET 2018

Dear all,
At package submission, I have 1 NOTE + 1 ERROR in the Debian log file, which I am pasting here:

* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
Maintainer: ‘Javier Garcia-Pintado <jgarciapintado using marum.de>’

New submission

Possibly mis-spelled words in DESCRIPTION:
  Kalman (11:49)

Package has a FOSS license but eventually depends on the following
package which restricts use:

The Date field is over a month old.
* checking package namespace information ... OK
* checking package dependencies ... OK
* checking if this is a source package ... OK
* checking if there is a namespace ... OK
* checking for executable files ... OK
* checking for hidden files and directories ... OK
* checking for portable file names ... OK
* checking for sufficient/correct file permissions ... OK
* checking serialization versions ... OK
* checking whether package ‘rDAF’ can be installed ... [2s/2s] ERROR
Installation failed.
See ‘/srv/hornik/tmp/CRAN/rDAF.Rcheck/00install.out’ for details.
Status: 1 ERROR, 1 NOTE

I can for sure delete 'Kalman' from the description, although can't understand why a name is considered an error. Still, it seems that another error is regarding the license and the dependence on akima. Please do you know if there is a workaround for this?

Best wishes,
Dr. Javier García-Pintado
MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
Geosystem Modeling, Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany
Phone: (+49)(0)421 218 65437
Fachbereich 5 - Geowissenschaften, Klagenfurter Strasse
Gebäude Geo II - Raum 5050

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