[R-pkg-devel] Proper way to document helper functions not accessible by user.

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Thanks everybody.  And just to clarify, it is no why that CRAN knew the functions in question were helper functions.  From their perspective, I just had a lot of .Rd files with ‘#none’ under @examples.  Since these files under question are not directly accessible to the user, I will try the
#' @noRd
option that Zhian Kamvar mentions in my resubmission.


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Do you have to export them? If not, I think you can just leave out the @export from the roxygen2 comments.

Here is what I did for my package: https://github.com/boxuancui/DataExplorer/blob/master/R/helper.r

Boxuan (Bo)

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> Hello,
> I am working through my first submission and making good progress with the
> CRAN review system, but now I need to understand the best practice for
> dealing with helper functions.  I am building a package that only exports
> 12 functions for direct user access, but it has many helper functions not
> directly accessible to the user.  In my R code I am using roxygen2 to write
> my help pages.  I have written roxygen2 notes to create help pages for
> every function, but for all the helper functions I am using the keyword
> 'internal' so they don't show up in the index of help pages and available
> functions.  In future releases I may export these functions for direct
> access, but for now I want to keep them internal.  Within each help page of
> these non-accessible helper functions, I have placed '#None' in the
> @examples section, since nobody will be able to call the functions
> directly.  In my submission review I was asked to give examples for these
> functions, because my package still has the .Rd files f
>  or these helper functions in the submitted .tar.gz file.  How do I proper
> handle documentation of these helper functions?  Can I remove the roxygen2
> notes that create the .Rd files for these helper functions, so the package
> does not contain .Rd files for them?
> Thanks,
> Barry
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