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Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 4:06 PM
Subject: R_registerRoutines, R_useDynamicSymbols
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Hi, list,

I need help to get rid of the Note:

Found no calls to: 'R_registerRoutines', 'R_useDynamicSymbols'

It is good practice to register native routines and to disable symbol

The package is emplik. I have only one C file in the src directory, that
defines two externally used functions called by .C( ) in R function:



What I did:

(1) add an init.c file in the src directory, and
(2) add .registration =TRUE to useDynLib(emplik, .registration = TRUE),  in

Rcmd check fail......installation fail.

I attach the init.c file and cumsumsurv.c file below:

Any suggestions are very appreciated.

Mai Zhou

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