[R-pkg-devel] C++11 and deprecated warnings "noise" for auto_ptr

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @ending from debi@n@org
Thu Jul 19 14:37:29 CEST 2018

As some of you may have noticed, or may have been told as well in kind "fix
this or else ..." email, 'R CMD check' now also marks g++-7 / g++-8 warnings
of 'deprecated declarations'.

This can of course be addressed in the code itself, or suppressed with the
'-Wno-deprecated-declarations' flag in compiler options in eg ~/.R/Makevars.

A particularly annoying case is in all the code depending on Boost headers
and using eg our BH package. I just installed an updated new package from
CRAN and again had screens full of warnings for 'deprecated std::auto_ptr'.

Looking at the Boost header file, it turns out that for this case one can use
the '-DBOOST_NO_AUTO_PTR' define and the compilation will be silent! So those
of us using Boost and BH could add the define to the headers.


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