[R-pkg-devel] Recommended procedure for solving "Additional issues"?

Marius Hofert m@riu@@hofert @ending from uw@terloo@c@
Sat Jun 16 21:46:13 CEST 2018

Dear DevelopeRs,

Is there a recommended procedure for addressing "Additional issues" if
they appear on CRAN checks?

Say you have some C code in a package which checks fine (Status OK for
all flavors) but shows "Additional issues" due to a potential memory
problems. One can compile an R version configured with valgrind
support and run a corresponding check on the package, but that
a) ... sometimes shows false positives (on Mac, for example, as some
have reported, see
b) ... sometimes doesn't provide useful information (at least not in a
case I recently ran into).
c) Also, one can virtually not always check for all the "Additional
issues" that might appear *before* submitting a package to CRAN -- or
can one?

Concerning c), it would be great if there was a way to 'see' the
"Additional issues" *before* submitting to CRAN (like a winbuilder or
so). Is there? (I couldn't find anything in WRE). Otherwise, one can
do the usual (like --as-cran), hope everything is fine, wait until the
CRAN checks are reported, and then, if there are problems, carefully
look at the code again, try and find the problem and resubmit in the
hope that the problem is fixed => but that's not a good 'procedure' as
it creates more work for CRAN etc.

Am I missing anything?

Thanks & cheers,

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