[R-pkg-devel] R package example fail for 32 bit Windows only

SN248 @n248 @ending from cornell@edu
Fri Jun 15 07:46:46 CEST 2018

Dear all

I am trying to develop a package which provides an interface to the
SUNDIALS ODE solving C library in R. I am using Rcpp to provide this

The package compiles and runs example on my platform (macOS), Debian Linux
(checked via r-hub) and it compiles on Windows (checked via win-builder).

Earlier, the examples did not run on Windows at all and they crashed the R
session. For some reason, the code was not able to run macros defined in
SUNDIALS code. I have fixed that problem now and the package compiles and
runs the example on 64-bit platform.

However, even though it compiles on 32-bit platform, it fails to run the
example on it (checked via win-builder). Can anyone help me in
understanding the issue and how to resolve it?

Also, is it absolutely necessary for the example to run on 32-bit platform
for CRAN submission?

The package source code can be found at - https://github.com/sn248/sundialr

Thank you

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