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Well, the computer is very good at doing what we ask it to, not what we intend to.

In your case coef.freekt() clearly expects an S4 object (clue: object@) and apparently that's what you feed it with.
A simple way to see where the problem actually comes from is

> options(error=recover)
> coef(xy.freekt)

Then explore what is going on.

Georgi Boshnakov 

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To Whom It May Concern:

    I have created a package called "freeknotsplines" in R, and I need to
make a few updates to it.  I resubmitted the package, and received the
following error message:

checking examples ... ERROR
Running examples in ‘freeknotsplines-Ex.R’ failed
The error most likely occurred in:

> base::assign(".ptime", proc.time(), pos = "CheckExEnv")
> ### Name: coef.freekt
> ### Title: Compute Coefficients of B-Splines For Free-Knot Splines
> ### Aliases: coef.freekt
> ### Keywords: nonparametric regression smooth
> ### ** Examples
> x <- 0:30/30
> truey <- x*sin(10*x)
> set.seed(10556)
> y <- truey + rnorm(31, 0, 0.2)
> xy.freekt <- freelsgen(x, y, degree = 2, numknot = 2, 555)
> coef(xy.freekt)
Error: $ operator not defined for this S4 class
Execution halted

     This error occurs in one of the examples in the documentation.   It is
platform dependent, and does not occur on the machine I am using to create
the package.  freekt is a new class, which is intended to be a S3 class,
not a S4 class.

 Here is the code for coef.freekt:

coef.freekt <- function(object, ...)
  xdat <- object using x
  ydat <- object using y
  optknot <- object using optknot
  ord <- object using degree + 1
  lambda <- object using lambda
  fulloptknot <- c(rep(min(xdat), ord), optknot, rep(max(xdat), ord))  #
includes endpoints
  Xmat <- splineDesign(fulloptknot, xdat, ord)
  if ((lambda == 0) | (length(optknot) == 0))
    coef <- solve(t(Xmat)%*%Xmat, t(Xmat)%*%ydat)
      numknots <- length(optknot)
      Amat <- chgbasismat(fulloptknot, ord)
      Istar <- diag(c(rep(0, times = ord), rep(1, times = numknots)))
      coef <- solve(t(Xmat)%*%Xmat + lambda*t(Amat)%*%Istar%*%Amat,

Can someone please help me figure out what I am doing that is causing this


Steven Spiriti

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