[R-pkg-devel] some notes

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at effectivedefense.org
Tue Apr 24 19:15:48 CEST 2018

On 2018-04-24 12:01, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On 24/04/2018 12:48 PM, Uwe Ligges wrote:
>> On 24.04.2018 18:45, Spencer Graves wrote:
> [... deleting irrelevant stuff...]
>>>         If it becomes infeasible to find smaller datasets, etc., you 
>>> can
>>> cut out certain tests with a construct like the following:
>>> if(!fda::CRAN()){
>>> # ... tests to run on other computers but to skip on CRAN. ...
>>> }
>> Ummm, how should fda::CRAN() now that it runs on CRAN?
>> CRAN prefers to ship a set of examples/tests etc. that meet our
>> requirements. If you want to ru addtional tests and/or examples, then
>> run them conditionally on something that is true for your local machine,
>> e.g. some defined environment variable.

       The fda::CRAN() function tests a "defined environmental 
variable", as you suggest:  It is TRUE with "R CMD check –as-cran" and 
FALSE if "-as-cran" (or something like that) is not set.  It has been 
several years since I wrote that code, and I'm not prepared at the 
moment to defend exactly how it works.  It was how I resolved a conflict 
between Jim Ramsay, the maintainer and lead author of "fda", CRAN 
maintainers like Uwe, and other contributors to "fda", especially Giles 
Hooker and me:  It allowed us to keep examples in "fda" help files 
without excessive work trying to find examples that would illustrate the 
same points with less compute time.

> For Xubo Yue, who may not be aware of all of the players:
> Uwe Ligges is one of the individuals who runs CRAN.  When you submit a 
> package to CRAN, you are asking Uwe and others to distribute your 
> work. You should listen to what he says.
> Spencer Graves and I are not involved in running CRAN.  We will give 
> you advice that we think is good advice, but if it conflicts with 
> Uwe's, follow his.
> Duncan Murdoch

       Moreover, Duncan's contributions to the R Project vastly exceed 
mine.  If any of my suggestions seem to conflict with Duncan's comments, 
follow his (unless they conflict with someone like Uwe, as Duncan noted).

       Spencer Graves

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