NOTE regarding dependencies in R code: Missing or unexported object

David Hervás ddhervas at
Fri Apr 20 21:53:50 CEST 2018

I have sent my package "clickR" to CRAN and was asked to fix the following NOTE:
* checking dependencies in R code ... NOTE
Missing or unexported object: 'lmerTest::summary'
I'm not sure what's going on, here is the Imports section of my DESCRIPTION file:
Imports: beeswarm, boot, lme4, lmerTest, methods, ReporteRs, xtable

Here are the first lines of the function causing this NOTE:
report.merModLmerTest<-function(x, file=NULL, type="word", digits=3, digitspvals=3,                                font=ifelse(["sysname"] == "Windows", "Arial",                                            "Helvetica")[[1]], pointsize=11, info=TRUE, ...){  sx <- lmerTest::summary(x)  cor <-  ...

And here is the output from getNamespaceExports("lmerTest") where "summary" is listed at position [23]

 [1] "lmer"                   "lsmeansLT"              ".__T__is.infinite:base" [4] ".__T__as.integer:base"  ".__T__as.numeric:base"  ".__T__%*%:base"         [7] ".__T__dim:base"         ".__T__summary:base"     ".__T__$<-:base"        [10] ".__T__^:base"           ".__T__sum:base"         ".__T__rep:base"        [13] ".__T__*:base"           ".__T__[<-:base"         ".__T__as.logical:base" [16] ".__T__dimnames:base"    ".__T__%/%:base"         ".__T__prod:base"       [19] ".__T__[[<-:base"        ".__T__/:base"           "step"                  [22] "calcSatterth"           "summary"                ".__T__anova:stats"     [25] ".__T__is.finite:base"   ".__T__anyNA:base"       ".__T__!:base"          [28] ".__T__all:base"         ".__T__+:base"           ".__T__any:base"        [31] ".__T__dim<-:base"       ".__T__-:base"           ".__T__[:base"          [34] "anova"                  "difflsmeans"            "lsmeans"               [37] "rand"                   ".__C__merModLmerTest"   ".__T__length:base"     [40] ""       ".__T__dimnames<-:base"  ".__T__&:base"          [43] ".__T__%%:base"          ".__T__$:base"   

I have tried to reproduce this problem in my computer with different versions of R (3.4.4, 3.5 RC and R-devel) and only get the NOTE when performing the check with R-devel.
What should I do to fix this?
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