[R-pkg-devel] Using C++11 and compilation in sub-directories together

Alexander Loboda loboda at rain.ifmo.ru
Wed Feb 7 13:17:23 CET 2018

Dear all,

I'm trying to build a package that uses c++11 code and sub-directories 
in src/ according to the "Writing R Extensions" manual, but it seems 
like R CMD doesn't want to compile the code with c++11 flags when source 
files(actually, corresponding object files) are listed in the OBJECTS 
variable in the Makevars file. That is, if I do not use sub-directories, 
everything is fine. All of the code is compiling with c++11 flags, but 
when I try to add hierarchy in src/ directory and use the OBJECTS 
variable, the compilation fails because of lack of c++11 flags. Makevars 
file contains such content:


OBJECTS_SMTH = subdir/main.o

It would be very nice if there is some possibility of using both of 
these features. I'm using R 3.4.2 and Ubuntu 17.10.


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