[R-pkg-devel] How to include examples that run > 5 secs and contain personal info

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Hi Jorge,

All the Rd files are available to users if they download the source code. They are also available through the CRAN mirror on Github (github.com/cran). In other words, you shouldn't put personal information in the help files, even if you use the 'dontshow' macro.


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I'm in the process of submitting a package to CRAN and I've run into an
issue with the examples of some functions. The purpose of nearly all
functions of the package is to download data from a website. There is one
main problem I've received from CRAN.

1) If it's feasible, include examples which are executed in < 5 secs.

Downloading data usually take between 5-10 seconds in the best case. I've
included most examples as \dontrun{} specifically because of this. There is
no way of creating smaller toy examples that run in less time.

Every time the function is run the user must specify his/her email, which
is private information Because the examples are not being executed, I've
included fake emails such as your at email.com to show the user how it works.
The CRAN team suggested using something like:


       examples for users:
       executable in < 5 sec
       for checks
              examples for checks:
              executable in < 5 sec together with the examples above
              not shown to users
              further examples for users (not used for checks)


To the best of my knowledge, there is not way to get examples always
running < 5 secs, so it's not feasible to include them in \dontshow{}.
Also, I'm not sure if users can have access to \dontshow{} in any way by
going to the specific docs of the function (either on Github or somewhere
on the CRAN repo). I wouldn't want to reveal personal emails in any way,
even if it's for the tests.

Any idea how to handle this situation?

Note: I do included extensive tests which are successfully tested through
Travis CI and this wasn't an issue in the CRAN submission.


Jorge Cimentada
*https://cimentadaj.github.io/ <https://cimentadaj.github.io/>*

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